Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Month

Dear Baby Mattix,
One month with you has gone by so fast!
We can't believe that just a month ago you were handed to us all swaddled up in your new born blanket and your head covered with your hospital hat, all 9 pounds 6.4 ounces wrapped up tight:)
We remember the first time your brother saw you, he was confused for awhile that you were out of the belly and still thought there was another baby brother in the belly. Now you love watching your brother play. He loves to help you with your paci and shhh you when you are upset.
Were sure that you are well over 10 pounds by now...You love to eat, all day long.
You love laying on your changing table and having your diaper changed.
Most of all you love to be held and snuggled. You are such a smiley boy.
We can't wait to watch you grow and change...
but for now,
please stay little for awhile longer:)

Chalkboard idea via: Calikatrina

On a side note, if you've ever been pregnant...Isn't it funny how one month of pregnancy can seem like forever, but the first few months after the baby is born go by way too fast! It should be the other way around in my opinion!