Wednesday, January 2, 2013

pin-test: banana hair masque

Banana Hair Masque

Pinterest always has great Ideas. Rarely do I actually accomplish what I pin. Unfortunately. I'd like to be so crafty and organized that I could actually do everything I pin. For example: In the DIY section I have 122 pins. It's highly doubtful that I will ever do more than 3. I have 85 pins on hair. Being that hair is my pre child rearing profession I have tried a few of those pins.
So here is a pin that I actually tried out! 

Banana-Avecado Hair Masque

1 ripe banana
1 ripe avecado
a few TBS of coconut oil

I blended it all up in my emersion blender until nice and smooth. Then you want to heat it until warm. Slather on and give it about 30 minutes or longer if you can.
Rinse, shampoo maybe twice and condition. I combed my hair out before I put it in my hair and then while I had conditioner in my hair.

The verdict?
While my hair was wet I noticed a few pieces of banana in my hair. Once it dried completely they were hardly noticeable. My hair also dried very shiny and more tame than normal. I have frizzy poofy wavy hair...I do not have wash and wear hair, so that was nice having it more tame.

I have just heated up some coconut oil before and just left that for awhile and the results seem to be just as good.

Don't have time for food hair masks? I suggest this:
Enjoy intensive smoothing mask
One of my favorites that I use when I'm not smearing food in my hair.
Their Sulfate free luxury shampoo and Luxury conditioner is Amazing! Seriously there isn't anything more luxurious, being a hairstylist i've tried it all!

What are your favorite hair products? Do tell!