Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nine months.

9 months came and went. Fast. You turned into a serious little wilderness man as we took you on your first camping trips this month. You took tenting like a champ. Maybe not the sleeping in a tent part, but the rest of it. Your always messy, and camping definitely confirmed your Nini's words when she says you are "a dirty boy" (somehow your always covered in some kind of dirt or food or boogers...) You loved the rivers and lakes, you got your first little tan. Your hair is even blonder now. Speaking of hair, you still don't have very much more than one little flip of a curl at the crown of your head. I'm praying for curls just like your brother had. There are 4 teeth on the top now and two on the bottom! You have not gained any weight which the doctor doesn't like, but when you crawl at the speed of light and never sit still, I'm guessing your burning as many calories as your taking in daily. You don't like to eat real food either. So I've been trying to stuff you full 3+ times a day, plus nursing so we don't get another weight lecture. Your also cruising all over the furniture now. I suspect walking is on the horizon! Can't wait for that! I can't imagine what life is going to be like once you can actually run after your brother! One morning, at the beginning of the month you surprised us when you said TODAY! I know it wasn't a fluke, your just smart like that:) Dada still remains in the lead as your favorite word. I've heard Momma a couple of times this month. The cutest was when we were in the car getting ready to come home from camping and you said BYE! Maybe we have a chatterbox on our hands? Biggest milestone of the month is you sleeping in your own bed all night- all through the night..can I get a Hallelujah?!
An overload of pictures

Some shots before meeting.

Nothing says goofy quite like you two do.

(photo's taken when you were about to turn 10 months...Better late than never!)