Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pin it to win it

One of my good friends Karli over at Style{d}  is encouraging all her readers to enter the Briana Rene Contest! Since I like to share, I thought I would tell all of my readers:)  If you head on over to 
Brianarene and pin the image you see below you can win a Saako Scarf! Start creating your own "Summer Lovin" board on Pinterest and start pinning your summer must haves. 
Don't forget to email your board to Briana at

You could be wearing this awesome summer accessory!



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

6 Months

This is late, again...Your almost 7 months!

So here we are little man. Your six months. That's half a year. I told your daddy that I didn't want to leave the hospital because this would happen. You would grow up too fast. And you did. You are. You know what else happened this month? Your big brother turned 3 1/2. That's almost 4. If you both keep growing up at this rate, your going to be 18 in the blink of an eye.
I'm going to blink and that is going to happen.
one day....
But, lets not think about that yet. Right now you are 6 months and 3 1/2 and boy are we enjoying you crazy kids! Your both too funny. Jaxson makes you laugh and smile countless times a day. Your giggle is contagious! 
This month you started pushing up on all fours. Rocking back and forth. I knew it wouldn't take long. 2 weeks later and you were gone. Your brother is far to cool to let get away. And so your off. Your into everything! You still prefer to slither across the floor. It goes something like this: Up on all fours, lunge your body forward, back up, lunge...until you reach your desired destination. Your favorite places include: Under daddy's suits in the closet, the belts in the closet. The heater vent, we often find you licking yuck. My favorite of all is when you went under the bench in the bedroom and found the old mirror just sitting there. This was the day that you found your reflection, and you think your pretty cute. I know this because we've caught you smiling at yourself and licking the mirror. It's too cute. You've learned how to blow spit bubbles. 
 With all this fun cute stuff you do, comes the hard stuff. You don't like to sleep. I figured it was just your teeth. Your drooling, you eat less, you have all the signs of a teething baby. Still your naps are short and at night you prefer our bed...prefer isn't the right word. You don't sleep in your bed. Your in our bed all night. And some nights it's fine. But then other nights you are tossing and turning and crying. I know this is all my fault that you don't like your bed. Your brother never slept in our bed. But I also never nursed him in bed. With you I decided I would get more sleep if I nursed you laying down in bed and then put you back in your bed. Well, I fell asleep and then we both were getting sleep for awhile. But no wonder you don't want to sleep on your hard mattress, when you can be in our nice big squishy bed. So now you and your brother have decided that you need the Cal King bed to yourselves! By 6:30-7 am you are both in our bed and I am off the edge of the bed. Jax comes in to sleep in daddys spot soon after he leaves for work. Which I'm fine with. One day I will have my bed back, and again I'm sure i'll blink my eye and that day will be upon us.
You also tried some food this month! Carrots, and pears. You liked both. I think you will be a good eater little Mattix!

Sorry for the bombardment of pics, but it's really hard for me to choose which ones I post....They are all cute too me!


Monday, May 7, 2012

My 30 before 30 #6 by Jes

#6 Get to my wedding weight OR
have a baby

 I am happy to announce that I am doing the later.


Due September 13

More updates soon!