Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One year.

One year.

A whole year managed to escape us. I knew time would fly, but I didn't know it would go this fast.
Kinda breaks my heart, but were on to this stage. This stage is so much fun! You are one funny kid. Always making us laugh. You go a mile a minute.  Never stopping for a minute to look behind you to see the trail of destruction. Oh how much I love watching you learn and change everyday. You were the missing piece to this family. Without you we really wouldn't be the same. You've changed everything. Life certainly isn't as easy, but it sure is better. You've taught us all a lot of lessons. You've taught us to be way more patient than we ever were before. 
Time seems to move at light speed. The weeks go so fast with two kids. There is something going on every second. And I love it. 
You are learning to play on your own, but only for a few minutes at a time, then when you sense one of us isn't by your side you let us know and come running to find us so you can be held. Maybe you just like to see the world from our point of view so you always want to be on our hips like a little monkey.
Your vocabulary is growing! Mama (on occasion) Eee-uu (Lelu) Bye bye, Hi and many more.
You shake your head no at us now. I think your going to be our little cleaner. When we give you a baby wipe you walk around wiping things down! Your also pretty good at putting the toys back into thier baskets! You have a big obsession with the phone. Anytime it rings, dings, beeps you go running to whereever it is and point to it. You like to dance, which includes you waving your arms in the air and doing little squats up and down!

Our dear friend Linda snapped your 1 year photo's for us. As always she captured who you are perfectly. No words needed, this is you.

She also got a few of Jaxson too. He's 4 now! Getting too big. My babies need to stop growing up!

Check out Linda's work here. I've said it before, but this girl has some serious talent. Her work is AH maze ING!!
Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures!

XO boys