Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swing, swing.

I feel like swing sets give any adult the excuse to let go and be a child for a moment! So that's what we did one evening when we came across one!

Jes's husband Danny got some cool shots with his phone!
Next time you see a swing set, I encourage you all to have a seat and swing a moment!



Monday, June 25, 2012

Scenes of a weekend

A very busy weekend is behind us.
Dinner dates, stroller walks, bike rides, kiddie parties, running with sisters, tiny little shoes, Discovery museum, Cibo, and baby snuggling!
of course, lots of coffee!

How was your weekend?



Monday, June 18, 2012

Thoughts from the waiting room... By Jes

So here I am at my 2 hour glucose screening test waiting to be called back for yet another blood draw

(for those of you who know what this is, you feel sorry for me. For those of you who don't, you should)

So, I thought I'd give a short list of the pros and cons of this pregnancy thing. (disclaimer: I have had an unusually great pregnancy so far, so my complaints are mild and petty compared to the many woes I have heard from other women who have traveled this 10 month road before me So if you want to tell me how good I've had it, I'm all ears, but since I did just chug a double sweet flat orange soda at 8am on an empty stomach and told I better not throw up on the carpet, I'm giving myself a free pass to join the complaint club today)

Bad news first: CONS
1. Glucose screening test
2. Swollen ankles
3. Having tall people tell me that THEY didn't start to show till they were 7 months pregnant.
4. Long list of no-no's. In my top 10 is knowing I can't go to an amusement park and ride the rides. I'M even surprised at how much this bums me out.
5. Knowing I'm running out of time to get everything Martha Stewart perfect, but running out of energy faster.

Now the good news: PROS

1. Being treated so nicely by strangers. ( I think it's a very interesting phenomenon that people who have such little patience for small children are so reverent of those growing them)
2. The first time of hearing the baby's heartbeat
3. Discussing baby names with Danny
4. Tummy rubs: I may be the only pregnant lady who likes this
5. Having a huge belly and feeling cute because of it

So there you go folks: the pros and cons. Well, mine anyway.

Till next time with part 2: Giving Brith; Pros and Cons. (just kidding)

- Jes

Thursday, June 7, 2012



I've got to get better about jotting down every funny thing you say...But then I'd be stopping to write down practically everything that comes out of your mouth.
Here are a few of the goofy things I remembered to write down:

"Mom, your really tall like Paul Onion" (Paul Bunyan)

Jaxson will eat just about anything, It just takes a lot of asking him to do it. So a recent response I got when I asked him if he had finished his lunch was: "chill out mom! your killing me!"

Me: Jaxson, why is the bathroom floor all wet?
Jax: It's just pee mom
Me: Why is there pee on the floor?
Jax: Because I wanted to pee on it!
(really? I don't have a enough messes to clean?)

He's learning early how to bribe his way out of punishments...It's not going to work kiddo...well maybe it does a little...
Everytime he throws a temper tantrum lately I tell him that it's not ok and he sits in his room or wherever the designated time out spot ends up being. As I walk away from him he is screaming: "but mommmmm! your so beautiful!" haha everytime. He tells me that several times a day. What a sweet boy you are:) When I respond with you are so handsome, he just says, "no mom your supposed to say i'm a cold pop!"
(cold pop is something from a you tube video...don't ask)

Toe nails are reffered to as "finger toe nails"

Last but not least your favorite made up word is Henigaw, hatch-is-saw...Don't know where that came from.

As you can see he speaks his own language...marches to the beat of his own drum.
Crazy kiddo...Your always good for a laugh my sweet boy:)

we love you.

Monday, June 4, 2012

7 months.

7 Months, going on 12 months...

My little baby boy. Time has just flown. Your busier than ever. Mommy can hardly keep up with you and your brother. But let me tell you, every second is worth it.
Here are some facts from your seventh month of life

You are crawling. Faster than anyone can keep up with you
You pull yourself up on anything that you can grab
You spend most of your days chasing your brother
You weigh in at 18 pounds and 8 ounces
Your 26 3/4 inches long
Your only in the high 50th percentile.. Which no one would guess by looking at you
You have said Mama, I believe we'll count that as your first word:) You also said Dada and still your favorite thing to say is Ah Blah, Ah Blah!
You pull yourself up in your crib and when your mad and screaming and I come to get you, you throw your head back in relief with a big smile.
Your kind of a picky eater. Anything too lumpy comes right back out.
Lelu is of utmost fascination in your world. Probably because she's eye level with you.
You giggle and laugh at your brother constantly
You love music and love to watch your brother dance
You keep yourself busy by pulling stuff off the pantry shelves and out of baskets.
You are quite the little climber.
You love love love the swing. You could stay in that thing for hours.

My silly busy boy,

We love you so much.

Here is what you would let me capture for your 7 month shoot

Seriously, I can only get you and your brother to sit still for five seconds at a time, hence the blurry pictures:)



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spoon Bar

A couple weekends ago the hub and I decided it was high time we leave the kids with their Nini (what we call my sisters)  and go  on a date! A what? 
a D.A.T.E
something we had not done since before Mattix was born, and yes he is seven months old now!
Our destination: Healdsburg to try out the Spoon Bar.  We had heard great reviews, and I have to say they live up to those lovely things we've heard.

I think the idea of this place is to order a bunch of appetizers and main courses and share..
Don't go here if you don't like to share!

We brought a bottle of wine that we had been saving for a special occasion for a few years..

Fish app: Cobia, avocado, coconut and red onion

Vegetable App: Beets, Tokyo turnip, ash yogurt

Another fish: Crispy soft shell crab, pickled ramps (this was my favorite)

Some cocktails to start, mine was a black berry marg, his a cucumber something or other...I ended up drinking his because I hate the taste of liquor and that's all I tasted in the Marg.

Snack Menu: Asparagus wrapped in pastry, oregano + preserved lemon (this was also amazing!)

Now onto the main course!
Short rib, quinoa, mint, red jalapeno, orange, hen of the wood mushrooms

Our pasta dish was Cavatelli, manila clams, parsley, chili flake and bacon
What I loved about this is you could taste that the pasta was homemade and not out of a box.


Olive oil ice cream- Definitely tastes like Olive oil. I think you need to like olive oil if your going to try this. It definitely tastes like Olive oil. I'm a big fan. 

Sweet cream panna cotta with tangerine, mango and macaroons- I don't think amazing quite does this dessert justice.

One weird thing I have to mention is the restrooms. You walk into a big restroom with sinks and mirrors and then there are 4 or 5 stalls like a dressing room that you go into, So essentially men and women are sharing the same bathroom? Once you walk out there are both guys and girls washing their hands. There was one guy just hanging out in there who had had a few, waiting for his wife..Kinda awkward...Maybe I just don't like to fix my self in front of guys? 

So there ya have it friends, Overall I would go back. The food and service was great! The restaurant itself has a lovely atmosphere as well! 

A successful date night indeed!