Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11 months

11 months.

A month late, but that is to be expected at this point right? Mattix turned 11 months on September 18th.
He's a full on walker now. His arms flail up and down, side to side as he walks like a drunken sailor. He still swerves quite a bit. While watching him you would think that he is about to topple over. However he somehow maintains his balance, even on the rockiest of terrain. By rocky terrain I'm referring to the clothing and toys that are always strewn about the house floor. This will be the new normal until their teenagers and can pick up after themselves? Wait, who am I kidding...Teens don't pick up after themselves!
So my house is doomed to a messy state for the next 17 years. Don't expect an invite anytime soon.
You have perfected shaking your head NO at us, quite cute even if it's considered disrespectful. You know when it's bed time, you say "ny ny".
Other new words to add to your vocabulary are: 
Ja (Jax)
You are waving bye bye and pointing up when we pray for Amen, and clap when we tell you good job!
You are now shaking your little booty when music comes on...This consists of you squatting up and down!
Oh I wish you would stay this size forever!
Without further adieu, a very blurry 11 month shoot that ended in a war over the chalkboard!

You can see the brotherly love here can't you?

I love these boys,



Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tutorial: How to create a whimsical succulent terrarium... by Jes

How to Create a Whimsical Succulent Terrarium

A while back I was throwing a baby shower where my concept was
"vintage botanical"

Obviously terrariums were a must.

So, late one night with the help of my handsome and ever supportive husband we created the 
cutest darn terrariums I ever did see.   

Step 1: Gather your materials

A container to house your terrarium
( I would suggest one with a lid. This will create a true terrarium, mimicking a greenhouse.)

A small trowel or a large spoon
Activated Filter Carbon

 (This can be found in the fish section at a pet store. It keeps the water clean and keeps funky stuff from happening)

Potting Soil

Plants and any decorative items you would like

Step 2: Layer your materials like so:

1) Gravel - a good inch or so -
 This gives the water somewhere to go, so you don't end up with soggy soil that could get stinky or even kill your plants.

2) Activated Carbon - about half an inch -
This filters the water as mentioned above, this will also help keep your terrarium mold free.

3) Moss - however much looks right -
This keeps the soil in it's place and adds a nice layered effect.

4) Soil - however much looks right, but a good few inches at least -
(remember to leave enough room for your plant to be completely inside) 
I would probably do a bit of light watering now, before your plants go in. 

5) Plants and accessories
Always choose plants that have the same water needs if you plan on keeping your terrarium for a while.
I found succulents fared the best, they are low maintenance and cute.

To create a diorama feel, print out small animals onto cardstock,
 cut them out and tape them to a toothpick.
(If you want them to last a while a layer or two of mod-podge wouldn't hurt)
Arrange in your terrarium as you like.