Sunday, July 1, 2012

8 months.

Are we really eight months already?
Your personality has really started to show this past month. 
Firecracker is how your best described. Maybe feisty is a better term? Your quite the stubborn little thing. Which I think may come in handy later, as long as you are stubborn for the right things in life. I think you take after you Nini Lang. Her temper tantrums were horrendous as a child...and yours, well, they aren't looking so hot either. 
Your cruising the house like you own the place. Nothing goes unturned, no stuffed animal, no abdoned sock or shoe goes unnoticed. You would give explora dora a run for her money.
I've found you in the dog bowl, the toilet bowl, you name it, any nasty thing you can get your chubby little hands on, you've put in your mouth. When you crawl around the floor you put the your toy of choice in your mouth like your a dog and crawl with it. Its too cute! Your pulling yourself up on all the furniture. I'm guessing you'll be walking soon.
Your hobbies include chasing the mop, or little hand vac. (you hate the big vaccuum) clinging to mommy, attacking big brother. 
Your not a good sleeper. Your naps are so short, you won't sleep in your bed at night. And if I don't come get you AS SOON as you have awoken you burst into a full blown fit! The doctor says it's time to let you cry it out, wait, no he's been saying it's time for months. I just can't bring myself to do it. So for now you sleep in our bed. Which equals no sleep for mommy as you toss and turn all night.
You don't like baby food. It has to be what were eating just mashed up.

It's totally impossible to get you to hold still, so these are all action shots. But these describe you in real life. there is no sitting still.

We love you shmee:)