Sunday, January 22, 2012

And the winner is...

Thanks to everyone that participated in our 
First Ever Giveaway.
Using a random number generator we determined the winner is:

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We're sure you'll enjoy your soft and silky skin
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photographs by Linda M.

We've never had family pictures done until about a month ago. I had one of my all time favorite girl friends, who just so happens to be an amazing photographer, come to visit and do our photo's.
Linda and I have known each other for a long time, we didn't grow up in the same town so we didn't meet until we were older...I think like 17 or 18 but we became instant buddies! She's the type of person you meet and want to put in your pocket and take everywhere with you. She's got that contagious personality:)
We sort of lost touch after awhile being that we lived far from each other it was hard to keep in touch...then one day I found her in Anthropologie behind the register.... I thought I was seeing things, but it was her. So we got to reconnect, but unfortunate for me she was leaving to go live in London for awhile.
I'm so glad she's back...So I just wanted to share some of the pictures she did of our family. I love them! She did such an amazing job, I can't wait to put them up on our walls!
If you want to see some of her work you can look here.

Here are just a few of my favs!

Clearly Linda knows how to capture a moment!
Thank you Linda for taking these beautiful pics, which are totally priceless to our family!

If any of you need family pictures done and want Linda's contact information please leave a comment or email me at

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Come Visit us this Wednesday....

Good Morning All

Today we are over here Helping Gina with How to wear it Wednesday!
Stop by why don'tcha!

Jes and Jessica

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Infant Photo's

There's been a lot of picture taking going on lately..
Lucky for Annalee (in previous posts Annalee is the very pregnant looking lady:) and I, we have friends who happen to have amazing talent...and when a new baby is born who doesn't love to bust out their camera? Especially when you have a cool camera and you actually know what you are doing!
In this case the friend that has amazing talent is our friend Danielle N.
Many of you may know her...But did you know she knows how to rock that camera of hers?
I think she calls it a hobby, but you probably will agree that she needs a portfolio, website and some business cards because she did such an amazing job with Mattix's and Luxe's infant photos!
Here are a few of our favorites:

I'm sure that any Mama will agree that pictures like these are priceless!

Thank you Danielle for the beautiful memories that you captured for us!

Jessica & Annalee

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Our First Ever Giveaway!!!

Welcome to the Hazel Street Diaries
First Ever Giveaway!
Get yourself smooth and silky with 
Lemonade Sugar Scrub and Aveda Hand Relief!

1. Be a Hazel Street follower.
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The giveaway will close on Saturday the 21rst.
We will be choosing a random winner on Sunday the 22nd.

Hope you are as excited as we are!

Jes & Jessica

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What She Wore Wednesdays!

Welcome to our second week of What She Wore Wednesdays!
This Wednesday we have our lovely friend Gina from fingers. chopsticks and bobbins showing us how to mix it up with colors!
I don't know about you guys but I love neutrals, i love black shirts, black leggings, black just seems to make everything look better...Especially after having a baby! I do have more color in my closet than i used too, that is for sure. I'm loving the stripes right now...
But Gina, this girl is colorful!
She makes you feel like you can put on anything, any pattern any color and it will work. At least it does on her...I am not yet this brave.
She's challenged me to wear something crazy this month! Something that would be outside the box for me.....

Here is her ever so colorful outfit:

Cardi:: Swell, Shirt:: Urban Outfitters

Skirt:: Anthropologie, Tights:: Target, Boots::

A big thank you to Miss Gina for inspiring all of us to put on something a little bit more colorful!

(If any of you want to be a guest for WSWW please email us your outfits and where the pieces are from @

Monday, January 9, 2012

A favorite product post: Aveda Hand Relief

The only thing that can save my hands from the wintertime woes is the Aveda Hand Relief.
This stuff is

Hand Relief™

This stuff is so rich and creamy and doesn't leave your hands greasy, which most lotions tend to do so I hate putting them on. My hands are terribly dry during the winter, and even worse since it's been so dry out. I can't live without this stuff... It hydrates with plant emollients and has exfoliating fruit acids and anti-oxidants. It also has vitamins A and E which help to diminish the signs of aging...
The more that you use this stuff the better your hands will feel! Especially if you wash your hands a lot this stuff will help put the moisture back in! Really who doesn't want all these great benefits wrapped up in one bottle of lotion? Now I am a total Aveda addict, and this is definitely one product I can not live without! This is one of those things that you just have to try to believe me...
So, Check back later this week, because Jes and I will be doing our very first giveaway, and we've got a couple of goodies for you guys!

(no this wasn't a payed post, I just really am obsessed with this stuff)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lemonade Sugar Scrub by Jes

I have been using a Trader Joe's Tangerine Sugar scrub for years.

*Cue dramatic music here*


So! I found a similar recipe online and decided to give it a shot.
It's super easy, and you most likely have everything you need for it already!

Mix 2 1/2 Cups of Sugar with 1 Cup of Olive Oil.
Add 4 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
(or essential oils of your choice)

Mix really well until it turns into a gritty paste
then spoon into a glass container.
Make sure you have a container with a lid that seals well.

This will make enough to fill a 12oz mason jar If it's been sitting a while you may need to stir it before use, as the sugar will settle.

Get creative with different oils and aromas for your own custom mixture!

I even found a way to incorporate something from my list into this project. #9-Give more gifts. I gave a jar to Jessie.
She voted it "Best Shower Ever"

Now you too can benefit from my #9.
Check back in later this week as we'll be giving away a jar in our
(woo hoo!)

Picture this....

What life has been like lately with these little monkeys:)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What She Wore Wednesdays!

With good intentions I took these photos weeks ago to do something new on the blog...What She Wore Wednesday....
She who; you ask?
She can be anyone, more than likely it will be a victim that happens to come to my house on any given day...(most likely my sisters stopping by)
You will probably never see me on one of these posts because I usually am donning my fancy black leggings with my husbands Costco socks, a long sleeve thermal and a warm fuzzy robe and some baby vomit on my shoulder..That is about what my days look like these days, which is fine!
So for some inspiration for all us mommies out there who dream of dressing cute on a Wednesday, and if we ever get to dress up we'll have some cute ideas! How many of you moms or non moms dress up when your at home? Or are most of you sweat pant wearing, sock stealing, husband sweatshirt thieves when you are at home?

So without further adieu I give you...
What She Wore Wednesdays...

(lets be honest here though, This will probably rarely happen every Wednesday, but it's fun to hope right:)

Mattix is wearing a onsie handmade by Annalee. Mattix you look oh so fashionable:) Sunglasses: Ray Ban.

Lets take it from the top: Lang is wearing a vintage goodwill twill jacket found a few years ago

underneath her jacket is a frilly cardigan from target, and her from choice...eek she didn't want you to know that, but when you spot something cute you just got to get it no matter where it's from!

Her belt is F21, skirt: a hand-me-down from my mother in law and boots are Target

And there we have it Ladies and Gents: What Lang wore over three weeks ago on a Wednesday...

Hopefully we'll see you next Wednesday with a new outfit!

We call this look granny chic!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 30 before 30... by Jes

I actually won't be turning 30 until  April of 2013
but I thought that making a list of things to do before
April of this year would make for an impossible list, or a horrendously boring one (i.e. wash my car; get a haircut)

So, with 1 year and 4 months to achieve my list, here goes:

     1. Write 1 Thank You note a week. 
     2. Plant a vegetable garden.

     3. Visit a foreign country.

     4. Learn how to (really) use my camera.

     5. Have a lunch date with a friend at least once a

     6. Get to my wedding weight OR have a baby.

     7. Visit a National Park that I've never been to.

     8. Clean the "hoarder room" and make it into a useable space. 

     9. Give more gifts.

    10. Add 10 savory recipes to my Jeses Bestest recipe book.

    11. Learn how to use my fancy sewing machine. 
       (this one is for you, Gina)

    12. Re-initiate a monthly date day with Danny.

    13. Learn to make amazing homemade body butter or lotion.

    14. Do a spa day with friends.

    15. Entertain at least once a quarter.

    16. Take advantage of the classes at my gym.

    17. Learn how to attractively shorten sleeves.

    18. Get rid of all my sloppy clothes, so I am forced
        to dress cute even when I am cleaning the house.

    19. Eat a real dinner, at the table, without 
        distractions, at least 2 nights a week.

    20. Don't get into pjs and wash off my makeup as
        soon as I get home.

    21. Use my bike.

    22. Read ALL my magazines!

    23. Take the dogs hiking more.

    24. Find a pair of perfect everyday earrings.

    25. Don's rationalize spending more because I'm
        working more. Either save, or work less.

    26. Go blackberry picking.

    27. Buy a new baking sheet. (the one I have is super
        old and warped, and I think I may have accidentally
        commandeered it from a gathering like 6 years ago)

    28. Use my sign language so I don't lose it.

    29. Go to the beach at least every other month.

30. Don't "save" my special things. Use and enjoy them!

I will try to document the documentable,
but be sure to get ideas for your own list at

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jessica's 30 before 29 Bucket List

The J Project friends are focusing on their 30 before 30 bucket list for 2012 and they've invited anyone who wants to submit their list to do so. Another good friend of mine posted her 31 before 32 list on her blog. So I thought I would submit a bucket list of my own!
Also for the past 2 years my childhood best friend and I get together in January and make a long list of goals that we want to work on. We still have yet to make that list this year. (If your reading this Missy we need to set that date:) But it's something we do together that I always look forward too. Since we haven't done that list, I may be adding a bit more things to this list after we get together!
Most of the things on this list I will be able to document throughout the year on the blog..

So here was my Bucket List submission for the J project.

1. Go on more adventures with Jax and Mattix
2. Make healthier dinners that don't always involve cheese
3. put things away when I'm done with them
4. get up before the boys do to start my day
5. clean out the garage and REALLY get rid of things that we don't use
6. finish and start the projects in my head
7. finish the play room
8. Stop saving things for "just in case I might need it for something" reasons
9. Give a comment at each meeting, or at least raise my hand and attempt a comment
10. Have a grocery list EVERY TIME I go grocery shopping
11. Have a meal plan each week
12. Plant a small garden
13. Exercise to loose baby weight!
14. Finish the boys' baby books
15. Get up to date with our family snapfish books
16. Put pictures in the frames that are on the wall.
17. Sew a skirt from scratch
18. Re-fashion my pile of clothes hiding under my bed
19. Enjoy the small things
20. Remember that there is no task that can't wait when there is a request to "play with me mommy."
21. Try eyelash extensions...a ridiculous goal, but it looks so fun!
22. Plan a fun family outing once a month!
23. Blog more often than once a month.
24. Start a granny square crochet blanket!
25. Don't spend so much time on the Internet looking at ideas, and actually use that time to do something productive.
26. Have the CO and his wife over for a meal.
27. Pay off our last credit card
28. Organize our master bedroom closets and dresser drawers.
29. Learn how to use my bread machine & yogurt maker.
30. Participate in the J blog race!

I will let you know when I complete a goal or am working on something!

If anyone else wants to submit a their list to the J Project, you can email them @


Ice Ice Baby... By Jes

Have you wondered where I've been? If you have, you're not alone.

It's been a REALLY busy couple of months 
(hence the blog silence on my part)
So in order to get some much needed rest and to recharge my customer service batteries (trust me, you do not want to encounter me in the last 2 weeks in December), we decided to get out of Dodge.

We chose a mini vacation in Yosemite.

Yosemite didn't have snow, but it was still beautiful. 
And we pretty much had it to ourselves.

Okay, we found a little snow (enough for 1 snowball launched at Danny). We drove out to Tuolumne Meadows and found a frozen lake along the way. 

We (mostly me) were a little nervous, but we ventured out onto the ice.

 We ended up seeing people ice skating out there, so we felt better.

Later that day we found a frozen waterfall.

 I've decided people who do not grow up around snow are obsessed with all things frozen. We were not the only ones. 

We spent the rest of the time hiking or reading in front of the huge fireplaces at the Ahwahnee.

I highly recommend Yosemite as a wintertime vacation. 
Beat the crowds, see some bears, eat at the Ahwahnee 
(do NOT get mochas at the Ahwahnee lounge though, YUCK)
and relax.