Monday, April 16, 2012

What did you say?

Lately little Jaxson says things that make me wonder, how did you know that child? Or where did you think of that? Or who taught you that! Here are a few of the things this little boy surprises me with daily;)

"mommy, I have a fever! A hot one, like fire!"

Here's a recent conversation we had:
"mommy what happened to your face?"
I picked it...
Well, uh I had a zit....
"oh poor mommy" (then he proceeds to kiss the zit)

"mom baby brother not come from your tummy, he came from the target"

His newest thing when he wants something or needs help with something is always begun by saying "Mom should you..."
Mom should you get me some water
Mom should you button my jeans
Mom should you get my vitamins
Mom should you read me this book....

Don't get me started on the things he says to strangers.

"Are you smoking" he shouted across the park one day to another boys mom. The mom replied: "yes, that's why I am sitting away from the kids" Then Jax proceeded to ask her why she was smoking...

One day a man said something to us in the grocery store, and Jax said out loud: "Mom! who is that reee bad man!?

Then there was the Jesus faze. Anytime we were in public he would shout from the top of his lungs in the grocery cart: Jesus, Jesus, Jeeesusssss! I like Jesussssss!

One of my most favorite moments was in the target bra section. I was looking at bras when he announces: "Mom! I like boobs!" Oh gosh, I could have died!

This kid is pure entertainment. Most of the time Seth and I sit at the dinner table and just stare at each other in amazement and wonder where he came from...He's a happy boy thats for sure, always putting on some kind of show!
There is never a dull moment around these parts...I'm sure he's going to be teaching Mattix plenty of interesting things!

Boy do we love this kid!



  1. glad you wrote them down. so funny. You'll enjoy it forever and he'll love reading them too!!

  2. Hahaha... I love it! Those are some very funny and interesting things he says. :)

  3. I kinda miss the jesus phase:)

  4. LOL I cant wait for this stage!