Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fabric Baby Shower Invitation Tutorial

DIY Vintage Baby Shower Invitation
By Jes

Okay, this is my first tutorial so here goes:

I wanted to make an invitations that looked like this.

So here is what I used:

I bought a pack of plain large flat wedding invitations (the kind you print on) at Target for $10 (50 count)

 Cut out a piece of fabric that will fit the invitation. I found that I could get 14 invitations out of 1 yard of fabric without much waste. Using the spray adhesive, cover the paper invitation in the fabric.
Trim excess.

*whoa whoa whoa. I should mention being sure your workspace is covered in newspaper. The spray adhesive is super tacky and is awful to try to get off anything you don't want it on. I would also add layers of newspaper as you go to avoid your project sticking to the sticky paper. Okay, you may proceed.*

I also bought a bigger pack of invitations that included RSVP cards.
I will be using the invitations from the second pack for a different shower, but I used the RSVP cards to print on for this one.

The RSVP cards had a border that I didn't want, so I printed on the back of them. I cut out a rectangle of newspaper that is slightly larger than the printed card. (I happened to find a newspaper with a green article. It's not dyed)
Use the glue stick to place the invitation onto the newspaper,
and then the spray adhesive to place onto the fabric.
Add twine and you are done! Woo woo!


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