Friday, July 22, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Friday...Probably my favorite day of the week. Husband is off every friday, although he is usually working from home. Our mornings always consist of sleeping in..(sleeping in for us with a kid is about 7:30 am) Then we alway walk down the street to Flying Goat Coffee, Love Love this place! Their coffee is our fav, and they even make those happy little designs in the foamy part..ah!

After our morning coffee walk Little Man and I headed to our friends house for a play date! Love hanging out with them. Today was extra special, since the Ice cream man was merrily playing his tunes down their street. Jax has never experienced the Ice cream man in all of his 2 1/2 years of life. I don't think we have one that comes down our neighborhood. My girlfriend was also super excited because this was the same ice cream man with the same old school truck that came to her neighborhood when she was a kid! 
My fav is the Pink panther, he was out of that so I had a bugs bunny, the boys enjoyed their dora faced Ice creams:)
Now hows that for a fun filled day!! 


  1. Awesome...You are so lucky that you can just walk to Flying Goat!...It's one of our favorites too :) Looks like you guys had a perfect day!

  2. Haha, sleeping in is 7:30 am with a kid... soooo true!

  3. AW lil Beck and him are so cute!