Friday, December 23, 2011

2 months! By Jessica

Oh Baby Mattix,

Where has time gone? You are now two months old! At your two month check you weighed in at a whopping 14 pounds, and 23 1/2 inches long! I believe that would put you at the top of your class kiddo! You still love to eat, and now you definitely have the thigh chub to show for it...But we believe that the more rolls on a baby the better:)
These days you've become quite talkative, all kinds of coo's and ah's. It's oh so darling to watch you talk. Your kicking your legs and flailing your arms all over the place. Your enjoying your little crib mobile that we finally put up and your little baby gym. You've got quite the arm when you go to swing at the toys.
You follow your brother with your eyes all over the place, and your brother loves to entertain you, showing you his cars and toys that you someday will take from him and he will someday be hiding from you. We can't wait to see how you two grow and get along...but for now we are still enjoying you being little...
and just when we thought your nightime colic was getting better...It got a little worse. There is nothing sadder than holding you while you scream and not being able to fix it. Even if those screams only last 5 minutes at a time it feels like a lifetime!
We still don't get out of the house much these days, but if we do it usually involves neighborhood walks, and big 'bentures' (adventures) as Jax would say. There are always our more than once a week walk to FCG where your brother has to have a chocolate chip cookie, how can we say no when were getting our caffeine fix?
In other exciting news Auntie Lee's little girl arrived a day shy of you turning two months! Little Luxe Vienne! She's just perfect:)
When we were in the recovery room, just hours after you were born, I remember looking at the clock and telling your dad that you were already so many hours old...I said I didn't want to leave the hospital, which is an odd place to want to stay I know, but I said before you know if once we leave he's going to be 2 months old.
now look...
your two months old...

Here are the photo's from your 2 month photo shoot!
To see how much you've grown look back at your 1 month shoot

We wanted to bring you home in the onsie you have on, but it was way to big!

We love you little guy:)


  1. Thank you katrina! It's a blast having two little boys!

  2. I totally the onesie! local is the best! lol.

  3. i haven't seen them in a week! i agree with more "rolls on the baby the better"!:)