Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby and The Jessica

Dear Baby Mattix,

You love to be held. Almost all the time you prefer to be in someone's arms...Which is just fine with us. We know that it won't always be like that..
No bouncy seat can entertain you for very long and fancy baby swings don't put you at ease for more than ten minutes at a time. Your happiest in the arms of anyone who is willing to snuggle you. And snuggly you are!
Today, we think you may have found your happy place...Right on top of Auntie Lee's baby belly...Too bad that adorable baby belly will be going away very soon as Lee's baby (otherwise known to most of us as "Baby Ducky") is about to make a debut, or at least were all hoping that ducky decides to make her debut sooner rather than later!

Maybe you and ducky were bonding... Or maybe you were telling her that you are the boss since your older:)
My boys seem to love their Petersen Girls:)

Mattix at 7 weeks and 2 days old
Auntie Lee a week and a half from her due date


  1. i already mentioned this but watching pri feed jax jellybeans while they just talked and talked to one another was way too cute.