Friday, February 10, 2012

3 Months...By Jessica

I'm a little late on posting this since he's 4 months next week!

Dear Mr. Baby Mattix,

Your 3 months,
Time has flown and you get bigger and chubbier each day. Your thighs have 3 rolls on each leg now! Oh my!
This month for you has been hard. You and your brother have been sick almost the entire month..ear infections, pink eye, colds, you name it. It was so sad to watch you be so sick:(
From being at the doctors so much we found out that your weighing in at at a whopping 15 pounds at this point!
We have discovered that you are quite the giggly little guy. Especially on your changing table. You get so happy you start kicking all over the place and smiling. If we make you laugh, which isn't hard, you get the hiccups almost immediately..that's how hard you are laughing at us. We must be pretty funny!
The best part of this month was the day that you were laying on the floor and your brother was talking to you, when all of a sudden you burst out in laughter and got the hiccups because something Jaxson was doing was funny to you. There is nothing more precious than watching you giggle at your brother! Oh how you love him. It's just adorable!
Anytime were getting ready to go somewhere Jax asks: "Is baby brother coming?" Anytime were out and a friend is holding you and your not in Jaxson's sight Jax comes over and asks "Where's my baby?" and sometimes when someone comes to take you away for a minute Jax decides that he wants it brother back! It's so cute how much you guys love each other already.
I know that someday you guys will be wrestling over toys and fighting, but it is the sweetest thing to watch you guys at this stage in your lives together...
We all love you baby Mattix.
I still ask myself where did time go? How did you get this big? I know I'm going to blink and your going to be turning 3, and then your brother will be 6 and off to kindergarten...That is not something I am ready for...
So lets slow down, alrighty?

See Mattix at months 1 & 2


  1. What a cutie pie! That is SO adorable how the boys love to be together... sometimes our best friends are our siblings. I don't know how single children do it!

  2. it's liebster award time ladies. wondering what i'm talking about?

  3. Oh you have such cute little kiddies! I remember when Anya first heard Ian's voice her little head snapped around to look at him so quick, it was so cute.

  4. So cute! I love that you are doing monthly pics with teh chalkboard! I need to find a cute vintage looking chalkboard to try and do the same! The red cloth diaper is super cute too, what kind are those? Do you have a cloth diaper of choice yet?

  5. @jessica thank you! Isn't it amazing how early they are so fascinated with their older siblings!
    @Jess B I will email you all the pro's and cons of the two different cloth diapers we've been using. The ones in the picture are called gdiapers..Check them out here:
    I will email you soon I promise!
    Also check out bum genius: