Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 months.

I'm about two months late on this post. Sad. Summer flew by and all we got around to doing was taking your monthly pictures. Even if they were the day before you turned a month older.

This is the month that we expected you to start walking. We know that all kids are different but we kind of suspected you to start around the time Jaxson did, and you did it just before you were about to turn 11 months. They were just a few steps here and there. Walk, crawl, walk, crawl..You just kept getting braver. You walk around like a drunken sailor with your arms raised up and out for balance I suppose.
Your vocabulary is got more extensive. Your list now includes: today, momma, dada, bye, lelu. Granted maybe we heard those baby babbles and assumed it was those words. Momma and Dadda are definite everyday ones. You walk around saying dadadada all day long. Sometimes it's just Da- Da- and I think you are trying to say Jax. You and your brother don't always get a long great, but when you do you guys are so fun to watch. Playing ball, cars, and random little made up games that only the two of you understand. I can't wait to watch you two grow to be best buddies:) We know when your tired because you say "Nye Nye"
Your back to not sleeping through the night and nursing every two hours or so. Mostly my fault for being the enabler here. Oh well, your only little once.

I actually pulled you both of of bed the night before you turned 11 months because that's how big of a procrastinator I am. Here's the few pictures that made the cut:

Time is flying...In a couple very short months you will be one. Where did the time go?

Love you both so much!


  1. Very cute. I love that... "you are only little once", you are such a good momma! :)

    1. Becky~ I think that's my signature phrase...It's my excuse for all kinds of unconventional fun!