Friday, September 9, 2011

Typewriter and Faux Terrariums - By Jes

I have a baby shower coming up that I am hosting

(I know, it's a big leap from having family over for dinner to hosting a real party, but go big or go home, right?)

So, I have been crafting my little fingers off, which I will happily share with you as soon as my panic inducing frenzy is over.

In the meantime,
I can show you 2 items that will be making an appearance at this baby shower.

1. Smith Corona Typewriter circa 1940

Those are my husbands hands, not mine. Sheesh.

2. Faux Terrarium in a Jar

I will also be attempting to make real terrariums.
Have no fear, I will take lots of pictures and will post the results, good or bad. 
I'm open to tips or ideas if anyone has any...



  1. made me laugh with the hands!

  2. I totally loooovvve terrariums! See my project here: By the way I am in love with your typewriter! Did you find it used? I think I need one for my little eclectic house :)

  3. I found the typewriter on craigslist, after much searching. It took a few months of trolling, but I'm happy with the one I ended up with. :)