Sunday, September 4, 2011

Seven years ago, By Jessica

So we went to Rutherford Grill last night to celebrate. I think it's safe to say that we ate way to much, more than can fit in my very pregnant stomach area..
This has been one of our favorite places to eat around here since we got married.
Were not big on eating out, unless it's for real food, by that I mean In and Out, mexican or anything like that doesn't really count..We can only do that so often without feeling sick. I like home cooked much better! I'm definitely not opposed to eating out when I don't feel like cooking though:) Which these days is more than not.
We started out with grilled artichokes and olives at the bar and then we ordered dinner..(it was about an hour an 15 minute wait...)

It all uploaded backwards and I don't know how to fix that...

I had to have dessert, because anytime we treat ourselves to dinner I have to see the dessert menu, even if i'm too full I have to know what i'm missing... This is the key lime pie, said to be better than real florida key lime pie. Seth didn't believe that because he spent every winter in the keys growing up (spoiled brat)
But he had to admit it was really good!

My cheeseburger! That is one of my biggest cravings this pregnancy. So anytime I see cheeseburger I have to have it!

This thing was so gigantic I told hubby that I didn't think I could take a bite...I just stared at it for a few mins...He told me to eat it gracefully...does anyone know how to eat a cheeseburger gracefully?

Seth's tri tip which he devoured..

You can't go to this place without ordering their cornbread...AMAZING, but if you like your cornbread dry, this is the wrong cornbread for you. It was almost too undercooked this time for us.

I don't know where seven years has gone so fast, but it's been amazing!


  1. guys look so cute! Happy anniversary!!!! I guess its anniversary time for everyone:) I have to wait a bit more for ours, it's in November. I've never been to Rutherford Grill but that cornbread looks super! I think eating a burger gracefully means getting it all over your face...cuz who knows how to not do that!...especially with a monster like that one. We are practically vegetarians but when we crave meat really bad then we eat it and I've been having quite a few burgers lately too (but no real excuses here for me!)No joke about Seth being spoiled! J/K I'm just jealous because I have wanted to go to Florida for EVER!!!!!

  2. ooooohhh! I shouldn't have ready this post hungry.