Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Boot that nearly made me cheat - by Jes

As some of you may know, either a) because you are doing it with me,
or  b) you've been hearing me complain about it:
I am in the middle of a "Don't buy anything New" month.
This idea was inspired by the girls over at The J Project and we did it once before, but that time we couldn't buy ANYTHING, not even toilet paper. We had to use the ads that came in the mail if we ran out. 

Just kidding.
We could buy toiletries and food. But no clothes or household or project stuff. It was tough! 

So this month I have way more wiggle room because I can still go thrifting. Which I have, happily.

BUT, last night I was working at Macys and *somehow* ended up in the shoe section to check out the boots. For future reference, of course.

I almost bought these. They are beautiful. They are on sale. They are on hold for me right now. 
So, I'm thinking that making this post might somehow give me a little self control, since it makes me accountable to more than just the people I'm doing this challenge with.

Feel free to leave me inspiring "you can do it" messages.
Also, feel free to shame me in public if you see me in these boots before November 1.



  1. you told gina to buy the bias tape maker, you should buy the boots, lol! I'm no help! I went to ikea yesterday, so i've triple failed this challenge!

  2. ummmm.......i'm pretty sure that you already cheated; by "accident" of course;) i'm holding out on the bias maker until the month is over. you can do it!

  3. It's so hard when you love something so much. You only have 18 days left in the month though. You can do it!!!

  4. I don't know, beautiful, on sale hmmmm =)

  5. Gorgeous Boots! You can have self control though!!! Who knows maybe they will be even cheaper at the end of the month and then you will be even more excited!

  6. Gosh, I feel sorry for you...these are so beautiful, I may have to go buy them myself!