Friday, October 14, 2011

The Stupid Corn

Here in sunny northern CA we share our space with many growing things. Grapes mostly, but also some lavender, apples, strawberries, and the occasional veggie. 

We like it. Crops make quiet neighbors, they make the bees happy, and it sure beats having yet another strip mall as a view. 

However... every year about this time, you would think we have never seen a green growing thing in our little suburban lives, because for some as yet unknown reason growing corn becomes a show stopper.
 Each year a usually unobtrusive field along side Hwy 101 becomes the site for a pumpkin patch and corn maze. Today I spent 20 minutes in traffic to drive a span that should normally take less than 2 minutes so that everyone could take a good long gander at the corn. 
  So here ya go.
Please take all the time you want looking at these pictures.
Observe that, yes, the corn is indeed tall, and my, yes, that is a whole lot of pumpkins. And no, even if you could see the maze pattern from the road, I'm pretty sure it won't help you traverse it later

Please take that time now, in the privacy of your own home. So that while we are on the freeway, we can all get to our destinations in a timely manner. Thanks!

Your fellow Nor Cal neighbor


  1. No kidding!...thank goodness I don't commute that way for work, those corn rubberneckers drive me nuts!!!

  2. while jessie and i were driving back from corte madera today, we slowed just to look at the stupid corn. wishing we could do the maze. all the while thinking of you:)