Monday, June 4, 2012

7 months.

7 Months, going on 12 months...

My little baby boy. Time has just flown. Your busier than ever. Mommy can hardly keep up with you and your brother. But let me tell you, every second is worth it.
Here are some facts from your seventh month of life

You are crawling. Faster than anyone can keep up with you
You pull yourself up on anything that you can grab
You spend most of your days chasing your brother
You weigh in at 18 pounds and 8 ounces
Your 26 3/4 inches long
Your only in the high 50th percentile.. Which no one would guess by looking at you
You have said Mama, I believe we'll count that as your first word:) You also said Dada and still your favorite thing to say is Ah Blah, Ah Blah!
You pull yourself up in your crib and when your mad and screaming and I come to get you, you throw your head back in relief with a big smile.
Your kind of a picky eater. Anything too lumpy comes right back out.
Lelu is of utmost fascination in your world. Probably because she's eye level with you.
You giggle and laugh at your brother constantly
You love music and love to watch your brother dance
You keep yourself busy by pulling stuff off the pantry shelves and out of baskets.
You are quite the little climber.
You love love love the swing. You could stay in that thing for hours.

My silly busy boy,

We love you so much.

Here is what you would let me capture for your 7 month shoot

Seriously, I can only get you and your brother to sit still for five seconds at a time, hence the blurry pictures:)




  1. love the first picture where he looks like he's got the ultimate body building body. Tiny waist and big shoulders and arms. adorable!!!

    1. That's exactly what it looks like! Mini body builder!

  2. I'm so in love with your boys, his face is to cute for words!