Thursday, June 7, 2012



I've got to get better about jotting down every funny thing you say...But then I'd be stopping to write down practically everything that comes out of your mouth.
Here are a few of the goofy things I remembered to write down:

"Mom, your really tall like Paul Onion" (Paul Bunyan)

Jaxson will eat just about anything, It just takes a lot of asking him to do it. So a recent response I got when I asked him if he had finished his lunch was: "chill out mom! your killing me!"

Me: Jaxson, why is the bathroom floor all wet?
Jax: It's just pee mom
Me: Why is there pee on the floor?
Jax: Because I wanted to pee on it!
(really? I don't have a enough messes to clean?)

He's learning early how to bribe his way out of punishments...It's not going to work kiddo...well maybe it does a little...
Everytime he throws a temper tantrum lately I tell him that it's not ok and he sits in his room or wherever the designated time out spot ends up being. As I walk away from him he is screaming: "but mommmmm! your so beautiful!" haha everytime. He tells me that several times a day. What a sweet boy you are:) When I respond with you are so handsome, he just says, "no mom your supposed to say i'm a cold pop!"
(cold pop is something from a you tube video...don't ask)

Toe nails are reffered to as "finger toe nails"

Last but not least your favorite made up word is Henigaw, hatch-is-saw...Don't know where that came from.

As you can see he speaks his own language...marches to the beat of his own drum.
Crazy kiddo...Your always good for a laugh my sweet boy:)

we love you.


  1. This gave me a good laugh (and Jonathan too!). I love the pee on the floor... like "uh, that's what I was afraid it was" would be running through my head! and the "your killing me". Kids are so funny, thanks for sharing!

  2. He can be such a turkey and he has his mama wrapped around that lightbulb toe;) love him so much!

  3. Jaxon is a major plus to living on this street. I love that he yells at us across the street whenever he sees us, to ask what we are doing. He's so much fun to watch on his bike ramp too, although the sunflowers are getting so tall i can barely see it now. I guess that's kinda the point....

    1. haha, we aren't trying to block your view lol....although I guess your the only house that looks in on that side! haha...ooops. oh well you will reap the benefits of the sunflowers:)