Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Favorite Thrifted Thing for the week of 8/29/11

This week I had to choose 2 favorites because they are both awesome.

 Vintage Cookie Jar $5.25

 This is one of those items that just sang to me when I laid my eyes on it. I know it's funky, but visions of my children and grandchildren (or nieces and nephews as the case may be) begging me for cookies out of this jar flashed before me when I saw it

 Yellow Seychelles Heels $7.50

Don't worry folks, I lysoled these puppies up before I stuck my tootsies in there!

Until next time...



  1. Really might think I would like the cookie jar the best, but I actually love those shoes! :)

  2. oh those shoes....they are just beautiful...I'm all about the cookie jar thing too...I have my great grandpa's that my mom used to beg him for cookies out of and then we as kids begged him for cookies from it!

  3. Love the shoes! Did you find them at the pick of the litter? I seen the same ones there and was telling everyone I knew who was a 7.5 to go grab them lol! Great find!

  4. Danielle - Yep! Pick of the litter! I love that place. I think because so many old ladies love cats and thus donate their stuff there!