Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jessica's 30 before 29 Bucket List

The J Project friends are focusing on their 30 before 30 bucket list for 2012 and they've invited anyone who wants to submit their list to do so. Another good friend of mine posted her 31 before 32 list on her blog. So I thought I would submit a bucket list of my own!
Also for the past 2 years my childhood best friend and I get together in January and make a long list of goals that we want to work on. We still have yet to make that list this year. (If your reading this Missy we need to set that date:) But it's something we do together that I always look forward too. Since we haven't done that list, I may be adding a bit more things to this list after we get together!
Most of the things on this list I will be able to document throughout the year on the blog..

So here was my Bucket List submission for the J project.

1. Go on more adventures with Jax and Mattix
2. Make healthier dinners that don't always involve cheese
3. put things away when I'm done with them
4. get up before the boys do to start my day
5. clean out the garage and REALLY get rid of things that we don't use
6. finish and start the projects in my head
7. finish the play room
8. Stop saving things for "just in case I might need it for something" reasons
9. Give a comment at each meeting, or at least raise my hand and attempt a comment
10. Have a grocery list EVERY TIME I go grocery shopping
11. Have a meal plan each week
12. Plant a small garden
13. Exercise to loose baby weight!
14. Finish the boys' baby books
15. Get up to date with our family snapfish books
16. Put pictures in the frames that are on the wall.
17. Sew a skirt from scratch
18. Re-fashion my pile of clothes hiding under my bed
19. Enjoy the small things
20. Remember that there is no task that can't wait when there is a request to "play with me mommy."
21. Try eyelash extensions...a ridiculous goal, but it looks so fun!
22. Plan a fun family outing once a month!
23. Blog more often than once a month.
24. Start a granny square crochet blanket!
25. Don't spend so much time on the Internet looking at ideas, and actually use that time to do something productive.
26. Have the CO and his wife over for a meal.
27. Pay off our last credit card
28. Organize our master bedroom closets and dresser drawers.
29. Learn how to use my bread machine & yogurt maker.
30. Participate in the J blog race!

I will let you know when I complete a goal or am working on something!

If anyone else wants to submit a their list to the J Project, you can email them @



  1. 30 before 29! ambitious:) #8 doesn't apply to your refashion pile does it!?!!! i am making the pink lemonade cake right now, so i will have jess bring you home a piece tonight. let's hope danny doesn't eat it on the way home:)

  2. That is a hardcore list Jessie! It's making me think I should have the words "clean out" or "organize" in at least one of my goals. Ugh, I guess I can take off "buy myself something amazing" and put in "clean and/or organize something." Tragic.

  3. guys are funny :) Jessie: #8 I have the same problem, #13 I'm sure you don't need to worry about!, #20 is super sweet & I love it, #23 I'd like for you to do!, and #26 is really scary if you ask me! Way to can do it! :)

  4. @gina usually it does apply to my refash pile, but I guess I mean other random things...Like glass jars that I rinse out to save for something...or a rubber band...haha!
    @jes you should totally buy yourself something amazing...although that sparkly thing that is on your finger that danny got you, that counts as something amazing for the next 10 years AT LEAST!
    @becky #23 i've never done either...I'm making lang do it with me because I am so scared! I will report back!

  5. Your list looks amazing and I can't wait to see you accomplish them. By the way if you want to hear a horror story about #26 just let me know :) But there also have been some very successful #26's too :)

  6. @juli~ uh oh! yes I want to hear! do tell! i'll prob have one after this friday! eek i'm nervous! lang said she saw you at sol food today, i was in the car with the kiddies. that was the first time i've had it, AMAZING! I sent my list to your email...or hopefully the right one...otherwise someone is probably wondering who sent them their to do list lol!

  7. You brave girls pulling those #26's!!! I don't think I have it in me to ever try...Hope it goes well!

  8. So, how did #26 go? I was thinking about you guys!!!

  9. Jax started throwing up thursday morning so it got cancelled....So I have nothing to report back, except a sigh of relief:) hehe Maybe in six months when they come back...or I could just drop a meal at their door step and run for my life!

  10. Hahahahahaaaa!!! (sorry about Jax though) you sound like me! But, at least you had good motives and tried...that's really cool of you :)

  11. Jessica your list is really great. AND I LOVE your family photo, was it done professionally? I hope I can get Eric to do a cute fam photo for our baby announcement!

  12. @Jess B. Yep! she's proffesional, and she's a sister. She lives in SF...She's amazing! I will be doing a post about her soon! That was the first family photo we've ever done! Are you guys doing belly pics?