Monday, January 16, 2012

Infant Photo's

There's been a lot of picture taking going on lately..
Lucky for Annalee (in previous posts Annalee is the very pregnant looking lady:) and I, we have friends who happen to have amazing talent...and when a new baby is born who doesn't love to bust out their camera? Especially when you have a cool camera and you actually know what you are doing!
In this case the friend that has amazing talent is our friend Danielle N.
Many of you may know her...But did you know she knows how to rock that camera of hers?
I think she calls it a hobby, but you probably will agree that she needs a portfolio, website and some business cards because she did such an amazing job with Mattix's and Luxe's infant photos!
Here are a few of our favorites:

I'm sure that any Mama will agree that pictures like these are priceless!

Thank you Danielle for the beautiful memories that you captured for us!

Jessica & Annalee

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  1. danielle nav is definitely very good with the camera! i wonder if she has any advice for my lazy stink eye issue.....oh, who am i kidding! there's no hope.