Monday, January 9, 2012

A favorite product post: Aveda Hand Relief

The only thing that can save my hands from the wintertime woes is the Aveda Hand Relief.
This stuff is

Hand Relief™

This stuff is so rich and creamy and doesn't leave your hands greasy, which most lotions tend to do so I hate putting them on. My hands are terribly dry during the winter, and even worse since it's been so dry out. I can't live without this stuff... It hydrates with plant emollients and has exfoliating fruit acids and anti-oxidants. It also has vitamins A and E which help to diminish the signs of aging...
The more that you use this stuff the better your hands will feel! Especially if you wash your hands a lot this stuff will help put the moisture back in! Really who doesn't want all these great benefits wrapped up in one bottle of lotion? Now I am a total Aveda addict, and this is definitely one product I can not live without! This is one of those things that you just have to try to believe me...
So, Check back later this week, because Jes and I will be doing our very first giveaway, and we've got a couple of goodies for you guys!

(no this wasn't a payed post, I just really am obsessed with this stuff)


  1. Sounds like I really need to pick up some of this stuff and give it a try. I go through SO many lotions, my hands get way too dry. Thanks for the tip :)

  2. Stay tuned tom. Becky you could be our winner!