Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What She Wore Wednesdays!

With good intentions I took these photos weeks ago to do something new on the blog...What She Wore Wednesday....
She who; you ask?
She can be anyone, more than likely it will be a victim that happens to come to my house on any given day...(most likely my sisters stopping by)
You will probably never see me on one of these posts because I usually am donning my fancy black leggings with my husbands Costco socks, a long sleeve thermal and a warm fuzzy robe and some baby vomit on my shoulder..That is about what my days look like these days, which is fine!
So for some inspiration for all us mommies out there who dream of dressing cute on a Wednesday, and if we ever get to dress up we'll have some cute ideas! How many of you moms or non moms dress up when your at home? Or are most of you sweat pant wearing, sock stealing, husband sweatshirt thieves when you are at home?

So without further adieu I give you...
What She Wore Wednesdays...

(lets be honest here though, This will probably rarely happen every Wednesday, but it's fun to hope right:)

Mattix is wearing a onsie handmade by Annalee. Mattix you look oh so fashionable:) Sunglasses: Ray Ban.

Lets take it from the top: Lang is wearing a vintage goodwill twill jacket found a few years ago

underneath her jacket is a frilly cardigan from target, and her from choice...eek she didn't want you to know that, but when you spot something cute you just got to get it no matter where it's from!

Her belt is F21, skirt: a hand-me-down from my mother in law and boots are Target

And there we have it Ladies and Gents: What Lang wore over three weeks ago on a Wednesday...

Hopefully we'll see you next Wednesday with a new outfit!

We call this look granny chic!


  1. its crazy how much lang & tandi look alike! especially when rose isn't wearing makeup. beautiful girls!

  2. i know it sickening! try being there sister!

  3. you're beautiful too dork!!!!

  4. lol...YA are SO beautiful too...I'm jealous of every one of you! Back to the post...Lang is so gorgeous and I love the style of her outfit! I have to agree though, those hubby sweatshirts are THE BEST! Cute idea :)

  5. haha thanks guys...your too nice! I love that outfit too, too bad i gave away the skirt...isn't it funny how you can give something away that you don't like to much but then the person you gave it too puts in on and they look great in it!!!

  6. Great idea! Lang looks cute, as usual :) I look forward to next Wednesday!