Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Favorite Thrifted Thing for the week of 8/1/11

Carved wooden decorative ball
It was kind of hard to choose my favorite thing from what I found this week. I've been looking for funky vases for an upcoming event, and I found some really cool ones. I'm sure you'll see them in a later post.

While I was wandering around looking at the various vases, 
knick-knacks, etc. I noticed a lady that was intently examining a Jelly Belly jar. It was kinda like one of those cookie jars that say something when you open it, and when she opened it, it said (at a much higher volume than necessary, might I add) "TRY A COTTON CANDY WITH A LEMONADE! IT'S PINK LEMONADE!"
She was so delighted she scooped it up and stuck it under her arm right then. Which was fine with me. However, since she was not yet done browsing, every time she would bend over to look at something, the top would flop open and scream "TRY A COTTON CANDY!" before she could shut it again, only to forget moments later and repeat the process. Needless to say, I will never forget how to make a pink lemonade combo with jelly bellies. 
I love the adventure of thrift store shopping.
So if anyone has something particular you would like me to keep an eye out for, please let me know. 

Till next time...


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  1. That's pretty funny about the jelly belly jar!