Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ziploc Bags...

Yep, you read that correctly. 
I am posting about Ziploc Bags..
Now probably 50% of you guys will think this is nonsense, but I'm sort of a recycling fanatic. And I've been trying to find new ways to save money.
I even save the recyclables that are worth money in a separate bag for the guy that digs through our recycling bin every tuesday night just so he doesn't have to dig.
Anyways back to the bags..
I have been trying recently not to spend money on the big ziploc bags, since you can reuse them several times and they are fine. It's not like I don't have enough dishes to wash since we are sans dishwasher in this house, but it's better for the environment and plus i'm saving like $ I know..But hey that's a latte! I'd rather spend my money on something fun.
The next step in my eliminating ziploc bags from my life will be ordering some reusable baggies that a very talented friend makes...(her etsy doesn't have them at the moment but i'm sure most of you have seen them on her blog.)
I guess I have to pay some credit to my mother who always made us wash out the ziplocs and reuse them when we were kids. As much as we complained and tried to throw them away look what i'm doing now!
I cleaned out my freezer and fridge today and found 8 bags that could be reused! yes my fridge needed to be cleaned bad!

Am I crazy or does anyone else reuse these things?
What else do you guys reuse to save money?



  1. You are awesome! I only reuse them if I don't really have to wash them out, like if I had bread in them or something like that. I really like to recycle too, but need to work on not being so lazy about it. I always feel bad throwing them away. Your story of the recyclables in a separate bag reminds me of myself. Before we moved here we lived in a ghetto city of LA county and I would always bag up our cash value recyclables in a separate bag for people who would go up and down our alley digging through the trash. :)

  2. I'm like Becky where I only reuse them if the washing needed isn't too bad! I nearly almost always use the fabric baggies for the kids lunches (they are the best!)...but it's hard when it comes to freezing stuff, I still can't think of a non plastic's not like you can wrap stuff up in fabric...or put it in a glass container. still baffled.

  3. I guess I should clarify that i'm a bit of a germaphobe...I wouldn't re-use it if it was nasty or had meat in it, but mostly like bread, cheese, or something that didn't stink then i'm fine.
    I don't know what to do about freezing things, good question Jess!

  4. Good job guys! I have gone ziplock bag free since I ran out probably 4-5 months ago. It is hard when you want to just throw something in a bag and freeze it or marinate some meat in a big freezer bag. So in the end I end up putting it in tupperware, or gulp...plastic wrap. I still haven't figured out how to completely eliminate that but when it runs out thats the next to go! I am sorry my etsy store is soooo lame right now! Honestly I think its too much work and would rather just deal with friends one on one. I have tons of sandwich and snack size baggies so we need to meet up so you can choose some!!

  5. should just have like an open house baggie party for friends...wouldn't that be fun?

  6. Juli- we should meet up, once I run out of the little ones, I don't want to buy those anymore! haha! I'm glad someone else doesn't use them at all:) When all my plastic tupperware was mismatched and totally falling apart, I went to costco and got the glass snapware, love it! The only problem is if you need to give someone something to take home your really going to want that glass snapware back. So I save the big plastic yogurt containers or stuff like that every now and then so I have it on hand to send home with people and I don't care if it comes back!
    I understand Etsy has got to be a lot of work! But at least you did it!

  7. Yeah I should really have all you gals over so you can pick out some baggies. We can have a blog get together and blog about each others blogs while commenting on other blogs. Sounds like a girl nerd fest :)

  8. Sounds like fun, with lots of yummy food! My husband would be making fun of me for sure:)

  9. I have been wracking my brain to think of something I save to reuse, and finally (a week after this post) I thought of something. At the salon I work at, we get bundles of towels that are wrapped in string. I save the string for projects. Weird, I know, but it's pretty string! And I agree! We need a bag+blog party!

  10. I knew there was something Jes:)

  11. lol.......yeeeeeesssssssss....a blog party to blog about and buy things that are good for the planet...count me in! My husband will be making fun of me as well :)