Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, the Fair - By Jes

I was wondering to myself recently 
"When did my fair-going stop centering around rides?
When did I become a person who goes to the fair to see the flower show?"
And then I remembered:

I was 15 and went to the fair with a group
of my best girls, 
and one unfortunate great-nephew 
of someone who happened to be visiting and was forced upon us.
I will only tell you that we always referred to him with his full name with a finger crooked just under the nose to indicate a sparse 17 year old wannabe mustache.
We did our best to make him feel welcome, but as much as we were excited to have our wristbands entitling us to ride as many rides as we could handle, he decidedly was not.

He was positive he would get sick, but after standing at the exit of ten or so rides, being designated coat holder, he decided he would try the most vomit inducing ride at the fair. 


We all went, and yes, he does get sick on rides.
We all believe him now.

And that, boys and girls, is when I became a flower
show kind of girl.

So, we went to the fair on Sunday.

This is my experience according to my camera:

That thing took 3 people to eat it.

I love checking out the art. There are some really 
talented people in our area!
This one was done by a 17 year old.

This was probably my favorite though.
"Oh Hey Girl! How you doin?"

 I got a kick out of this picture from the
History of Sonoma County Fair exhibit 

 This was certainly the scariest thing I saw at the fair




  1. haha, love your story who got vomitted on?

  2. you really don't want the details