Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Piece of Cake...By Jessica

I have been entirely distracted the past couple weeks with baking, crafting, cleaning, running errands and just too plain exhausted to blog about anything. I was keeping busy preparing for Lacey's shower. Now that it is over I can share some details with you...I'm not quite sure i'm cut out for this blogging thing yet, as I'm always forgetting to take photo's of the important details.
Last friday lovely prego friend Lee came over to help me bake...What happens when you put two pregnant girls in the kitchen? Well almost nothing...We were forgetting what we were doing every two seconds and instead of trying to muli task and make more than one thing at a time we could barely focus on one thing at a time. It was hilarious. 
Regardless we had a lot of fun. We made this cake. Although, don't go into shock, it doesn't quite look like that cake. Their instructions were easy, although I would definitely do a few things differently next time. So if you want to make this let me know before you try it!

Doesn't it look more like a stack of colorful pancakes..
I'm not a very good froster.
We had our doubts about whether or not it would actually look like a rainbow when it was cut, but to our surprise...

It did! The layers were just thinner than the instructions led us to believe it would be....

And the little mister of the house enjoyed it very much, all up to the last few bites when he said "my tummy hurts!"

More to come on the shower later....


  1. Awesome cake! On pinterest I keep pinning those types of cakes and I applaud your bravery in doing it! It turned out great!

  2. I love that cake! It's so happy!

  3. What a fun cake!!! Super job, yours looks beautiful :) It must have taken a long time to bake all those layers! I really want to try this sometime, I love the idea.

  4. Everything turned out super cute! You have become quite the event planner. Maybe we should start a business haha.

  5. Danielle- Thanks! I hear you throw some pretty amazing parties yourself, maybe we should!